We showed up on a Wednesday afternoon and things started off with a bang…literally speaking.021-2

We hunted a field that we needed permission for, so we got it and were set for an afternoon shoot.  The boys were a little rusty on these Canada honkers, but we still managed to get 28 big boys!lone-tree-at-sunrise

Thursday morning we had a pea field that we had watched for a couple of days. There were mostly honkers, but specks and ducks were also on the menu. With a little better shooting, we ended up with 25 honkers and 5 specks. After 2 shoots, I think we were getting spoiled.012-2-copy

Friday found us in a barley field that is owned by the farmer that got it all started for me 16 years ago. West Wild Rose never disappoints and didn’t this time either with 32 honkers and a bunch of ducks. Oh, and the weather couldn’t have been better…cold, windy, and heavy clouds!

048-2 On Saturday we wanted a change after shooting and cleaning so many big honkers. We wanted to hunt specks (our favorite to eat too). We got permission on a field that was loaded with specks and a bunch of snows. My license had expired, so it was up to the rest of our group hunting out of layouts in a wheat field. The end result was 14 specks & 5 snows. The one thing that we hadn’t targeted much was ducks; mallard ducks in particular.

We headed back to the pea field we about a mile away. 006-2The only decoys used in a dry field are honker decoys and spinners. After dropping the boys off, I heard the shooting start…..24 ducks (mallards and pintail) and a bonus of 5 honkers… more cleaning required. What a great trip it was!


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