We are excited to announce a new feature on our website: “Blog to Email”. As part of our efforts to modernize and update our online presence such as growing on social media, we are also “blogging”, or publishing articles, news and updates. You can see all of the latest posts on our blog now.

One feature is the ability to deliver these postings directly to your inbox. Every day at 5pm, the system will email you a “digest” summary of article(s) posted within the previous 24 hours. On average, we typically send:

  • Announcements, invitations, updates, etc. (1-2x / month)
  • Blog articles from the blog. (2-4x / month)

The frequency will likely be higher around big events such as our annual conference / fundraiser, holiday party, etc.

How to Sign Up?

For this to happen, you must be signed up to our Email Newsletter List. If you’re not already signed up, sign up here.

Thank You

Please let us know if you have any questions or otherwise by Contacting Us.