The 2016 San Diego SCI Board of Directors, led by President Michael Rogers, has determined that the mission of the Chapter could best be fulfilled through creation and execution of a three year strategic plan. The board believes that a financially strong, vibrant, active and engaged chapter follows a detailed, well-crafted and dutifully executed plan.

In the planning process, the board continually discussed the challenges facing the San Diego Chapter. Our membership numbers are static, revenue is challenging, members feel unengaged and many are unsure of our purpose. This is not a recipe for success in a world where hunting is challenged from every corner.

Your 2016 Board has taken serious measure of these challenges and is dedicated to addressing them and making San Diego SCI a better organization for everyone.

Following the 2016 Chapter election, the board formed a steering committee to identify critical Chapter goals and to establish several planning committees to craft a strategic plan to achieve those goals. The Chapter steering committee identified the following three year goals; Financial, Membership, and Special Projects. Strategic goals are further supported by a set of Chapter Communications goals. Every goal is executed through specific initiatives, measurable over specific timelines with responsibility assignments to committee leaders and members. Resources necessary to achieve the goals, including budgetary requirements are also identified. Many of the initiatives to achieve our goals are already underway.

An additional advantage in having a multi-year plan is that as board membership rotates and changes, new members have an ongoing and adaptable guide that provides continuity for the chapter.

Progress on the strategic plan will be measured every month and results periodically reported to membership on the website. The plan itself will be reviewed and updated annually, making it a living plan.

The steering committee invites all members to play a role in the successful execution of the plan. Join a committee and participate in the growth of San Diego SCI!