Did you know that your local California Chapters of SCI have tracked more than 120 bills during the first year of the 2017-2018 California Legislature?

There are 10 Chapters in the State of CA. These Chapters band together to keep an eye on issues vital to CA Sportsmen. If you are ready to support and join your San Diego Chapter, CLICK HERE

To find a chapter near you (not near San Diego County), CLICK HERE.


The following are some of the issues from this past year. For a more in-depth summary from Lynch & Associates, click HERE.

Pro-Hunting/Firearm Legislation Supported in the Legislature:

Assembly Bill 1337 would require the Fish and Game Commission to provide a live video broadcast on its Internet website of every open commission meeting or hearing and every open meeting or hearing conducted by the marine resources, wildlife resources and tribal committees.

Anti-Hunting/Firearm Legislation Stopped:

Senate Bill 497 saw problematic language amended out of the bill that would have limited gun purchases to one per month.

Senate Bill 464 would have increased the mandatory storage and security requirements for licensed firearms dealers, adding to the already stringent requirements and increasing costs. Gov. Brown vetoed the legislation Oct. 13. Click here to view the Governor’s veto message.

Fish & Wildlife Activities:

Predator Policy Under Development :

The Fish and Wildlife Department and the Commission, heavily influenced by animal rights activists, are developing a predator policy that is expected to reignite the debate about management of wildlife in California. This issue is heading to the Commission in 2018. (Workgroup Draft Report,Meeting Materials, pp. 13-25)

Wild Pig Designation :

The Commission is undertaking a review of wild pig management with animal rights stakeholders and agriculture, trying to remove the game status (Agenda, Item 6). This will head to the Legislature in 2018.

Department of Justice:

Bullet button :

For an update on California’s bullet button regulations adopted this summer, connect to this link.

Ammunition Registration :

The Department of Justice is undertaking a public process to reconcile ammunition registration requirements between a statute and a ballot measure. There likely will be regulations before the end of 2017.  See link for the progress of regulatory actions.

Many more important updates on lead ammunition and issues such as Fish and Wildlife funding and Big Game Management can be found in the report.


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