Tomorrow (Friday, July 6), SCI members Tess and Andrew Talley along with SCI President Paul Babaz will take part in a live interview during the Today Show on NBC television.  The interview will air sometime between 7:40 and 8 a.m. It is expected to run for 5 to 8 minutes.
The interview follows savage social media attacks on both Mrs. Talley and hunting in general after social media trolls dredged-up a photo that had been posted on social media a year ago when she took an old giraffe on a legal hunt in South Africa.
This media engagement is part of SCI’s new communications effort to get the information out about all of the good things hunters and hunting do around the world while countering the lies of the anti-hunters, using the best science-based research available and by sharing the amazing stories provided to us by our members and chapter network.
There is risk in such engagement, because there is always the chance that what we say will be misinterpreted. That’s an acceptable risk, because if SCI and hunters do not speak up, the world will only know what the antis tell them.
SCI is unwavering in its support and defense of hunting and is proud of who we are and what we do. It is this Hunter Pride and our stories that can help put human faces and humanity into the public discussion about hunting.
SCI will continue to do all it can to defend hunters and hunting, both when we are attacked and when it is possible to take the initiative and communicate to those in the world who would not hear our message in any other way.
As SCI’s presence in the media grows, take pride in being a hunter and relay that pride to all of your friends and family. No longer will we be a silent punching bag for those who would end hunting. Thank you for being part of the solution.
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