Dear Members,

In spite of our efforts, SB 1487, the so-called “Iconic African Species Protection Act” was approved by the Assembly Appropriations Committee and will be voted on by the Assembly.  If it passes the Assembly, it will go to the Governor’s desk.  If this bill is passed and enacted, it will prohibit the importation and possession in California of several specified species, including their parts, of game animals lawfully harvested by hunters in African countries.  It could ultimately lead to the confiscation of trophies if passed on to heirs.  Worse, it will discourage hunters from hunting in Africa and thus reduce the income the African nations receive for their wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts.

We encourage all Chapter members to contact their Assembly Member and urge them to vote against SB 1487.  You can look up your Assembly member and their contact information on this link:


Official Safari Club International CA Coalition Letter of Opposition: SCI SB 1487_oppose_Asm Appro (Stern)

Official Letter of Opposition from CA Wildlife Conservation Organizations: SB 1487 — Coalition Oppose Ltr – Assy Appropriations — 08 02 18 – FINAL


Sincerely Yours in Hunting,

Robert Smith, San Diego SCI Chapter President