AB 1254 (Kamlager-Dove) Bobcats: take prohibition was amended into existence on March 28

Bill Would Ban the Take of Bobcats by Any Method, Except under Limited Conditions as Specified in Proposed Changes to Depredation Permit Laws!

AB 1254 (Kamlager-Dove), Bobcats: take prohibition, as amended March 28, 2019,would ban the take of bobcats statewide by any method, except under limited conditions as specified in the proposed changes to the depredation permit laws.

  • The bill’s provisions are NOT supported by wildlife management science
  • State and federal wildlife management authorities indicated prior to the enactment of AB 1213 (2013), the existing restrictions, that the bobcat population was healthy and not in danger of a decline from taking by hunters and others – They have NOT stated otherwise to date
  • This is simply an ANTI-HUNTING MEASURE that is not supported by scientific fact
  • Further, this bill would result in a loss of hunting license revenue and federal Pitman-Robertson funds to the Department of Fish and Wildlife – these funds would need to be replaced out of the State Budget
  • This bill is an ENTIRELY NEW bill, introduced after the February 22nd deadline for bill introduction – it was previously a bill to amend a code section on Fine Arts

AB 1254 Must Be Opposed!

AB 1254 will be heard in the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee on Tuesday, April 9, at 9:00 a.m., at the Capitol, Room 444.


If one of these committee members is your Assembly member, please contact him or her immediately
 and let them know that you OPPOSE AB 1254.

Don’t know your Assembly member? Use the Hunter Advocacy Action Center
Go to: https://www.safariclub.org/hunter-advocacy-action-center
Click on “Take Action” under Please Oppose California AB 1254
Enter your address and zip code

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