Originally posted by Safari Club International 8/16/19

A D.C federal district court has ruled in favor of Safari Club International and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that Humane Society International was not entitled to force the disclosure of hunters’ personal identifying information from the federal government.

Safari Club International CEO W. Laird Hamberlin commented on the ruling, saying “today’s court ruling is an enormous victory for SCI and the hunters we represent, whose right to privacy should never be violated simply because of the role they choose to play in preserving our hunting heritage. SCI’s tireless advocacy for hunters’ rights in the courtroom has helped produce this important legal precedent, and we look forward to continuing our fight to protect hunters’ rights in courts across the country.”

“Only SCI fought to protect the privacy of hunters.  SCI informed our members how to object to the release of their personal information.  If you were an importer or exporter of wildlife and weren’t a member and if you didn’t follow the directions we gave members to contact the FWS, you lost because the FWS released your identity to anti-hunting groups.

Only SCI members received this kind of protection, so if you are not a member – you are losing out.  If you know other hunters who aren’t members, make sure they know that being a member of SCI gives them protections and important information that no other hunting organization will offer.

If you are a member of SCI, make sure you pay close attention to the alerts we send you.  They could save you and your families from harm to your hunting opportunities and other rights.

And one more note – this doesn’t just apply to U.S. hunters.  HSI wanted information about exporters of wildlife from the U.S. too.  So our international members who hunt in the U.S. were just as vulnerable to this request for identities as our U.S. members.” – Anna Seidman, Director of Legal Advocacy and International Affairs.

BRAVO SCI. Excellent work!

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