During the 2020 San Diego SCI fundraiser we raffled off a youth hunt to one youngster in attendance. The hunt opportunity was generously sponsored by board members Bill and Anne Marie Freed and taxidermy donated by long time SDSCI supporter, Mike Barry. We would like to thank them for their generosity and passion to introduce and keep our youth hunting.

Nicholas Roberts name was drawn and he recently did his hunt at Big Horn Canyon Ranch. Here is what his Dad had to say about the experience:

“Nicholas took his rams yesterday up at Bighorn Canyon with Mike Barry guiding and Mike Rogers filming (and doing some excellent guiding too). I just wanted to express our gratitude and share a couple photos.

The big rambouillet and his buddy (also pictured, Nicholas’ other quarry) gave us all a real workout! Nicholas was very excited as he had only been pheasant hunting until yesterday and has been eager to hunt big game.

The experience was rewarding for him and he did a great job listening to both of the Mikes’ direction and absorbing their hunting wisdom. At first he was a bit recoil shy with his rifle, but after the first shot, Nicholas seemed to understand that the excitement takes over and the real fun is lining up the shot, being patient, and taking an animal in a way that makes one feel proud (and boy, is he!).

He is also looking forward to having these rams’ mounted on his bedroom wall. I can only imagine the stories he’ll tell his friends.

When all this COVID business is over, we’ll have to get together with you, Mike Barrry, and Mike Rogers so Nicholas can share his experience first hand.”