AB 1237 (Ting) “Information access: research institutions: firearms” would mandate that the Department of Justice (DOJ) release an individual’s personal information to the California Firearm Violence Research Center at UC Davis (UCD) when providing data for firearm violence research in specified subject areas.

The following are some KEY points: 

  • No permission needed
    • There is no credible reason why any research institution such as UC Davis should be granted authority to have your personal information for their research especially without your explicit permission
  • Government abuse of your identity
    • The identities of individuals and their personal information should NOT be provided to anyone by DOJ, DMV or any other state entity other than to a law enforcement agency conducting an investigation that has a specific and lawful need for it.
  • Fox in the Henhouse
    • AB 1237 mandates providing UCD information that “… is necessary for the center to conduct its research…”, but allows its own review board to decide what is necessary. One of their official affiliates is a university that just experienced a major hack of its medical records.

This bill is a major “breach” in your privacy rights and gives you less protection than other Californians at a time when increased hacking and breaches are occurring in government systems.


Rob Bonta, the new ATTORNEY GENERAL, was just appointed by the recalled Governor Newsom! Bonta made the Release of your personal information to Researchers one of his first orders of business

He is using gun violence restraining orders as a “Trojan horse,” but this allows him to release anybody’s information to a researcher allowing access your records and ability to track you for 25 years.

He suggests this bill will clear up legitimate legal ambiguities. He thinks your privacy is just a small “legal ambiguity.”

Click the link above and tell your California Assembly Members what you think about AB1237.